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Relief Package Being Pushed By Louisiana Senator



MONROE, La. – Senator Bill Cassidy is pushing for a 500 billion dollar relief package in Congress aimed at aiding local and state governments who are facing coronavirus related fiscal cliffs.

Lafayette is expecting to lose 35 percent of its expected revenue for the year, and Monroe and New Orleans are facing one million and 150 million dollar deficits respectively.

The City of Crowley is expecting a 1.3-1.6 million dollar shortfall and announced the layoffs of 15 employees and reduction of hours for remaining city employees via a four-day workweek.

Cassidy says essential services must be propped up at a local level not just to save lives, but to make sure businesses have reliable foundations to reopen under. The proposal is being pitched with the help of  New Jersey Democratic Senator Bob Menedez.

Cassidy says the money would be distributed based on how severely a locality has been hit by both the virus and the economic impacts of virus-related shutdowns.

Localities with populations over 50,000 would be given the money directly to manage without having to go through state governme