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Monroe plans to get decorative bus benches for the Monroe Transit



MONROE, La.– For the past 15 years, the company, “Monroe Outdoor”, has had a contract with the city of Monroe dealing with the Monroe Transit System. However, that contract ended in November of 2020 after the city decided to go a different route. Now, things could look a little different.

Monroe Transit benches must be removed off streets before Feb. 1 by Monroe Outdoors. No need to worry, bus riders will soon see decorative benches take their place.

“In other words it is going to be iron and it is going to be black in color and it will be stylish. It won’t have advertising, like the benches that are currently there. So it will be kind of a stylish look,” said Marc Keenan, General Manager of Monroe Transit.

The city of Monroe has roughly 600 bus stops throughout town, out of those bus stops, 120 of them have benches for bus riders to sit at while waiting to be picked up. According to officials, a study is being done to determine the best and highly trafficked locations for where the new benches should go.

“We are not planning on replacing all of them because it is based upon the ridership. In other words, if you have a bus bench out there at a stop where you don’t get a lot of riders, there is no reason to spend the funds to get that replaced,” said Keenan.

The current bus stop benches have advertising on them, bringing in an income for the city. The new benches won’t have that choice, officials say new advertising options would be a city administration decision. However, they will bring some beatification to the area.

“We looked at benches, different styles, just to see what would enhance the city of Monroe. So we are certainty looking at making it more appealing to the public,” said Keenan.

Officials say, at this time, there is no contract with the City of Monroe as mayor Friday Ellis and Monroe transit is looking at many different options.