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Monroe woman inspiring others with 200lb weight loss



MONROE, La. – When 69-year-old Judy Wilson walks into a room, it’s not hard to tell she’s enjoying life.

“I’m having more fun now than I did all those other years,” says Wilson.

That’s because for most of Wilson’s life, she struggled with her weight.

“I was afraid to sit down in a seat because I thought it would break,” says Wilson. “I was uncomfortable and I wasn’t doing well at all.”

But one day, Wilson decided to make a change.

“I want life and I want to enjoy it,” says Wilson. “When I tell people I used to weight over 400 pounds they don’t believe me so I just show them this picture.”

It’s a picture that reminds Wilson of how far she’s come. Five years ago, she weighed four hundred and thirty two pounds, and today she weighs two hundred thirty pounds.

“I’m an XL size 14-16 now and I feel like a little girl going into Walmart to buy a piece of clothing,” says Wilson.

For Wilson, it’s not about looking good but feeling good. For years she relied on blood pressure pills, a sleep apnea machine, and a walker.

“Now I don’t have a walker or cane,” says Wilson. “If you need a walker or cane I’ve got one for you because I don’t need it anymore.”

Wilson’s story has been published in one of the local newspapers and she’s quick to share her testimony with anyone she meets. Her biggest advice for anyone struggling with their weight is to never give up.

“When I mess up I just get back up again,” says Wilson. “Believe me I’ve fallen many times but that’s when you dust yourself and start all over again.

Ms. Wilson is living proof that you don’t have to be perfect to make progress, you just have to be wiling to take the first step, and if you do mess up.

“Just get up and start all over again, don’t give up,” says Wilson.