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Multiple reports of business posting racist sign on front door of store in Louisiana



LOUISIANA – Throughout the evening Tuesday, KLFY received multiple reports from our viewers about a Lafayette store posting an anti-Asian/Chinese sign on its storefront door.

The store, Coin and Treasure Company on West Congress Street, is now being boycotted by some in the Lafayette community.

The sign read: “Coin & Treasure PROUDLY REFUSES admittance to any Chinese Communist MoFo.”

In recent weeks, Asian Americans have been fearing for their safety in wake of a deadly shooting in Atlanta that resulted in the deaths of six Asian women, and also following an attack on a 65-year-old Asian woman in Manhattan in what authorities called a racist assault.

After a member of our news team factually checked the storefront door, KLFY reached to the owners of Coin and Treasure late Tuesday evening hoping to get clarification on why Asian Americans were not allowed in the store.

The store was closed.

Of over a dozen messages sent to our newsroom, one came from an Asian American male.

Although he did not wish to be identified, he had this too say.

“This is very intentionally and is done to make us keep our heads down.”