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One additional NELA parish approved for FEMA disaster assistance, apply here



MONROE, La.  – Senator John Kennedy has asked President Donald Trump to add Ouachita, Lincoln, and more parishes to the major disaster declaration issued on Aug. 28.

Kennedy said he asked the president to extend the declaration so that the communities in those parishes can receive resources needed to rebuild.

“Yesterday, President Trump took the time to see for himself what our state is up against in the wake of Hurricane Laura. I personally asked the president to add Rapides, Vernon, Grant, LaSalle, Ouachita, and Lincoln Parishes—among many others—to the disaster declaration so these communities can receive the resources they need to rebuild.

“I’m grateful for the quick response from the president and his administration, who declared a major disaster for the Lake Charles area on Friday. Since I spoke with the president on Saturday, the administration has already begun expanding the list of parishes eligible for assistance to help individual Louisianians and public facilities recover.

“The storm pummeled Louisiana from north to south. Central and North Louisiana have experienced unimaginable disaster, and we can’t afford to forget any hurting communities.I’m hopeful that more help is on the way to our parishes,” said Kennedy.

On Aug. 28, 2020, Sen. Kennedy led the Louisiana delegation in asking the president for a disaster declaration. The declaration releases funds to assist people and communities in recovering from damage due to Hurricane Laura.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is already assessing the damage Hurricane Laura did to other parishes in order to make those communities eligible for more aid.

On Aug. 30, 2020, FEMA added Vernon Parish to the major declaration disaster, designating the parish for individual and public assistance.