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Popular Foods People Eat In Southwest Louisiana For Lent



LOUISIANA – After Mardi Gras, we enter the Lenten season here in Southwest Louisiana, and that means Catholics practice the season as part of their faith.

I am Catholic and when I was growing up, not only did we eat seafood on Fridays, but we were also encouraged to give up something we love or luxuries for the 40-day Lenten season.

Most people will give up things like sodas and beer, while others get creative with what they plan to give up during the season. I know folks who have given up cursing, and I have even had a buddy give up all things with sugar in them. There are some really unique items folks give up during Lent.

The one thing we all agree on are the things we love to eat during Lent. I asked my friends on Facebook, “If you’re Catholic, what is your favorite food to eat during Lent?”

The most popular responses were:

  • Boiled crawfish
  • Fried or grilled shrimp
  • Fried or grilled fish (catfish being the most popular)
  • Boiled crabs

There were also folks who mentioned fried alligator, crawfish etouffee, and the most popular answer was All of the Above. We love our seafood in South Louisiana.

Now, most people say they will eat out at local restaurants on Friday nights for seafood, while planning to cook their own seafood on the Good Friday holiday with their family and friends.

No matter which way you do it, just go enjoy the great seafood we have here in Louisiana and the great atmosphere of our locally owned restaurants with live music while you enjoy your meal.