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Residents in Louisiana horrified by black, murky tap water in apartment complex



LOUISIANA – Residents of a Youngsville apartment complex called Garden Heights say their water is black, and no one is fixing the issue, not even the Louisiana Department of Health.

“The water comes out black. Black, black black. You can fill your tub up with it, and then when it runs out as you see in the pictures, it’s some kind of metal stuff that sits in the tub, in the lavatory, and in the toilet,” one resident, who chose to remain anonymous out of fear of backlash, said.

The resident says since he moved in three years ago, it’s been a constant problem.

“I got up this morning to take a shower, and it was all black again- the water in the toilet, the lavatory, and the water coming out the sink,” he said.

This is the water they’re trying to bathe with, cook with, and drink, and they say it’s been like this for years.

Residents say the apartment complex isn’t doing anything to fix the issue.

“I don’t know how many units they got here, but everybody’s water is the same. Every neighbor we talk to, they all have pictures of the water,” the resident added. “I don’t know what more we can do to get them to do anything.”

In early January, residents reached out to the Louisiana Department of Health, who sent a representative out, but LDH told residents it would cost them to have the water tested.

“We don’t have that money. We’re elderly. We’re all elderly here,” he told News Ten.

The residents feel like they’re out of options.

“I don’t know what else to do, besides trying to get them to do anything. We’re left empty handed,” the resident said.