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Sen. Bill Cassidy addresses 2020 presidential election



MONROE, La. – Senator Bill Cassidy addressed questions about the current status of the presidential election.

In a press conference Tuesday, Cassidy said President Trump has the right to pursue legal challenges as he continues to allege voter fraud in the November race.

“I think it’s going to be very important for the 70 million people who voted for President Trump to know that he has his day in court,” Cassidy said.

Cassidy did not address Democrat Joe Biden as the president-elect, but he said a peaceful transition of power depends on Trump having his court cases heard in full. He believes Trump will concede if his lawsuits continue to fail.

“The courts are deciding now as to the validity of these court challenges. There’s kind of an impatience for the court to do their business, but when the courts do their business, then if it turns out President Trump loses those court cases, the president will concede. But he certainly has his right to appeal and we’ll see how they play out. There’s the kind of impatience, I don’t know why, but the courts will play it out,” Cassidy said.

When asked about President Trump’s chances to overturn projected loses in several swing states, Cassidy said there are some hurdles standing in his way.

“You’re laying out the obstacles and the difficulty, and they’re apparent. And if they’re so apparent, it will become apparent soon that there is no pathway. But the president still thinks that he has,” Cassidy said.

The Senator cited the 2000 Presidential Election when Former Vice President Al Gore waited until December 13 to concede that race.

“He’s got a right to take it through this pathway. He will and it will be determined by the courts as to whether or not it’s true. It happened when Al Gore contested the race against George W. Bush, it’ll happen this time,” Cassidy said.