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International Education Week celebrates culture



MONROE, La. – Almost every day, there seems to be a national holiday like National Donut Day or National Pickle Day which are celebrated throughout the year. But one important week, that strongly relates to college students but easily gets lost in the sea of national holidays, is National International Education Week.

According to the International Education Week’s website, the holiday is a way for people to celebrate the benefits of international education throughout the world. The week lasts from Nov. 16 through Nov. 20.

NIEW encourages students to study abroad, learn and experience new cultures and traditions worldwide.

While ULM is not hosting any activities involving NIEW, you can still celebrate on your own. Here are a few ideas you can adopt to recognize the week:

1. Support local international restaurants

There are many local restaurants that serve different cultural foods around the Monroe area. Athena Greek and Lebanese Restaurant, Latin Food Restaurant, Taste of India and the Himalayan Café are all restaurants with a wide variety of authentic international food. Ask the waiters questions about the food and the culture of the country. The owners will appreciate your interest in their culture, and you may discover a new favorite restaurant.

2. Do your research

Find a country you are interested in and learn more about their history, culture and traditions. Doing this can help you find ways to incorporate your knowledge into everyday conversations with people. You can even do your research by visiting stores within our area. The Spice & Tea Exchange has multiple spices and exotic teas from other countries. You can discuss the history of whatever tea interests you with the cashier. You could also go to the Saigon Asian Market to see what kind of food they have and ask about the cultural significance of that food.

3. Participate in a study abroad program

Participating in a study abroad program can help you wholly submerge yourself  in the culture and traditions of the country you are interested in. Study abroad programs also help you properly appreciate the impact of international cultures on the education system. ULM has a study abroad program that offers students the opportunity to study in multiple countries like France, Mexico, Belgium and Costa Rica as well as many others. To participate, contact Joni Noble, at [email protected] or 318-342-1383.

There are many ways to celebrate NIEW. You only have to be creative and open to discovering new cultures and places.