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Senator Bill Cassidy speaks on Impeachment Trial and COVID relief for Americans



MONROE, La.  –It’s day one of the Impeachment Trial, but in the midst of this, there is also still an ongoing discussion about COVID-19 relief for Americans. Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy spoke on both topics Tuesday.

Right now, President Biden is proposing a $1.9 trillion COVID package that includes a push to raise the minimum wage to $15.

“The congressional budget office estimates that that would result in 1.4 million americans being unemployed. When I speak to these small businesses or resturatants, barely hanging on with covid–they would have to raise the wages of their staff, they would just close their doors,” said Senator Bill Cassidy, (R) LA.

Cassidy says the push to raise minimum wage would, in the end, hurt more Americans than help them. We also talked to Senator Cassidy about the Impeachment Trial. He says his responsibility is to listen to the evidence before announcing a vote. He went on to say that he has three major questions he’s going to ask throughout the trial.

“Is it constitutional to impeach somebody who’s out of office, number 1. Number 2, even if it’s constitutional, is it the appropriate thing to do, is it better for our country. And thirdly, if you come to the conclusion that the above 2 are yes, is the president guilty of the articles of impeachment,” said Cassidy.

As the trial continues, Cassidy says he will continue to question what’s happening to make an honest vote at the end.