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Severe weather causes damage in Louisiana Town of Washington



LOUISIANA— Residents in the Town of Washington believe damage in their town was the result of a tornado.

Kevin Fontenot, a Washington resident said, “I’ve been through some hurricanes just nothing violent like this. I thought my trailer was about to roll over, it was violent. ”

Tuesday morning’s storms left behind a trail of damage.

“I was scared everything was shaking so violent furniture being tossed I came through the front and I could see it come through here knocking down power lines, damaging a school and tearing up homes.”

“When I was standing in the doorway, I watched my auntie roof get tore up. There’s her roof on the other side of the road, it was violent.”

Tree limbs only part of the debris left behind from the severe storms. Strong winds actually picking up some of those branches and throwing them into homes just like spears.

Resident Robert Lavergne said: “She was in the house with her little grandbaby. If it would have really come down and touched it, she probably wouldn’t be here.”

There were no reported injuries from the storms.

Kevin, Robert, and their family say they’re thankful to be alive. But surprised that it could happen so close to home.

And though it’s a small town residents say they’ll come together to begin rebuilding.

“If something happens to somebody in this town everybody just pulls together.”