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Stimulus checks set to hit by end of March



MONROE, La.– People across the country are catching wind of the approved stimulus checks, including here in the ArkLaMiss.

“Man I’m excited, finally,” Matthew, a West Monroe local, said.

By the end of March, most Americans will have an extra $1,400 in their wallets. Tina Harlow, a Monroe local, said this comes at a time when many families need it the most.

“I know there are a lot of families struggling, because I know we were struggling at the beginning and we are still struggling, so I think it was important for the government to do something,” Harlow said.

Some said they are dealing with extreme damage due to the recent winter storm, while others are still trying to catch up on bills.

“I think we’ve still had such a rough year that there’s something that each family can do with that money that they really do need to do with it. I don’t think I forsee anyone just blowing it,” Harlow said.

Matthew said he couldn’t go to work for about a week because of the snow storm. Now he’s working to make up those lost hours. He said that’s where this check will make the difference.

“We’ve been working like crazy and then the snow storm is messing us all over and we can’t get the hours we need, so it could really be a help, Matthew said.

No matter the reason, locals are thankful to have that extra cash to help cover some necessities.

“We’ve got kids to feed and households to manage,” Matthew said.