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City of Monroe officials are working to keep it beautiful



MONROE, La. – Through the years, a large amount of debris and tire parts has been left on the side of I-20 in Monroe. City officials say the public works crew say their goal is to keep the city of Monroe beautiful.

Officials say crew members are working around the clock to help keep the community clean and within the last 3 months, more than six thousand bags of trash have been removed from the street.

“Like I said we already 6500 well, over 6500 bags, you know, of litter just countless amount of trash, and this is from the neighborhood. We just don’t aim towards, the interstates,” said Donald Scott, The City of Monroe Sanitation Supervisor.

Officials say the mayor made it his top priority to keep the city clean when he was elected into office.

“He made it a top priority because they took away the litter program at one point but when he won the election, he brought it back. He said he wanted his city clean,” said Scott.

Officials are asking the community to help them in the effort to keep the litter and tires out of the communities by doing their part.

“The litter is that bad. We are trying our best to control it, we really are. If they see us out doing this maybe it will encourage them to say hey let’s stop throwing litter on the ground,” said Scott.

City officials say this will be an ongoing priority but stress it can’t be done without the people’s help.