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South Louisiana family searching for answers after loved one found dead by hanging



LOUISIANA — The death of a loved one in Crowley has his family searching for the truth about what happened.

With no police report and no autopsy they fear his death is being swept under the rug.

George Trahan was found hanging in an abandoned house on January 30. His mother Sandra Trahan says there was no police report filed, and there was no autopsy of his body, something she says they desperately need to find the truth.

“Whether he did hang himself or he was murdered because we do suspect foul play.”

George’s older brother Hardy George says his death comes at a very strange time, since the last conversation he had with his brother was about turning over a new leaf and getting on the right track.

“Three days before all of this happened, he talked about how he wanted to change, how he wanted to give up the street life, he wanted to be a better person and better dad for them. I think he really meant is this time and he was coming around but he just wasn’t given that option.”

His mother says her son was no angel but he still deserved a proper investigation surrounding his death.

“The main thing I want to know is why no autopsy was ever done.”

We caught up with the Acadia Parish coroner, Dr. Mark Dawson, who has been in position since 1983.

Dr. Dawson says he was at the scene the day George was found and during his initial assessment he saw no signs of foul play, and ruled George’s death a suicide.

Crowley Police Chief Jimmy Broussard says when the coroner rules a suicide, they don’t file a report because no crime has been committed.

But the question remains, why no autopsy? Dr. Dawson says while he would like to autopsy everyone, the funds just aren’t there.

It has now been a full month since George was found and he still has not been buried. That’s because his family is hoping to raise enough money for an independent autopsy.